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Think about "agressor" country
It gave an unexpected post on your Facebook Veikko Korhonen from Oulu (Finland). Here it is, the author - in the photo:

"Results" aggression "Russia - half of Europe and part of Asia gained statehood from the hands of Russia (USSR) !!!

Let us remember who it:

- Finland in 1802 and 1918 .. Until 1802 never had their own state.

- Latvia in 1918 (until 1918 had never had their own state).

- Estonia in 1918 (until 1918 had never had their own state).

- Lithuania regained statehood in 1918 also thanks to Russia.

- Poland regained with the help of Russia twice, in 1918 and 1944. The partition of Poland between Germany and the USSR - it is only a short episode!

- Romania was born as a result of Russian-Turkish wars, and became the will of a sovereign Russia in 1877-1878.

- Moldova as a state born in the USSR.

- Bulgaria as a nation was born as a result of the victory of Russian arms in the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878., Which it had intended to. As a thank State Bulgaria in two world wars participated as part of anti-Russian coalition. Now Bulgaria - a member of NATO, and posted on its territory a US base. After 1945, its territory was not a single Russian soldier ...

- Serbia as a sovereign state, too, was born as a result of this war.

- Azerbaijan as the state took shape for the first time only in the USSR.

- Armenia remained physically and reborn as a state only in the USSR.

- Georgia remained physically and reborn as a state only in the USSR.

- Turkmenistan has never had a state and formed her only as a part of the USSR.

- Kyrgyzstan has never had a state and it only formed part of the USSR.

- Kazakhstan has never had a state and it only formed part of the USSR.

- Mongolia has never had a state and formed her only with the help of the USSR.

- Belarus and Ukraine for the first time gained statehood as a result of the Great October Revolution in the USSR. And in 1991 full independence. If we take into account Russia's role in the birth of the Soviet Union, and the establishment of such countries as China, Vietnam, North Korea, India, Greece, Russia repelled the Turks back in 1821, Algeria, Cuba, Israel, Angola, Mozambique, etc .. Here's how -That strange "aggression" on the part of Russia! "

Saving the author's spelling.

Add comment from Dmitry Marchenko (itself a comment below, but it's more convenient to read, as an extension):

Switzerland reclaimed independence from France 217 years ago Suvorov them since then never (!) Is not at war;

- Release of the Third Reich, Austria, 1945;

- The liberation of Czechoslovakia by the Third Reich, 1945 .;

- Position of Catherine II in 1780 with the creation of the League of Armed Neutrality, and actual support of the North American United States contributed to the defeat of England and the independence of the United States .;

- Twice in the last 2 centuries Russia gave independence to most European countries grinding army dictators Napoleon and Hitler;

- Stalin's position in negotiations with the United States and Britain gave Germany the opportunity to save statehood after the defeat of the Third Reich in 1945 .;

- Position Gorbachev allowed without a problem in 1990 re-united Germany;

- Without the help of the Soviet Union, Egypt could not survive and consolidate their independence in the war with Israel, Britain, France 1956-57g, in 1967 the intervention of the Soviet Union stopped the war between Israel and Egypt, in fact, saved the Arabs from the defeat in two wars in 1967-74

- Angola won its independence in 1975 only because the Soviet Union;

- Most Western European colonies gained their independence due to the global movement of decolonization after World War II, the main role in which he played the USSR

The whole history of Russia said that it was consistent with any authority in upholding the principles of independence and self-determination of nations and peoples, in every way helped the creation of a multipolar world in any era. And very often, unfortunately, in this sacrifice its interests as a state and its people. If our policy was similar to the British, now half the world would be in the Russian Imperial Commonwealth, and the Russian people have bathed in the luxury of the sheikhs of Saudi Arabia, at the expense of other exempt from colonial countries.

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This blogger from Finland(?) probably does not know what he is talking about. Russia (USSR) helped to create not a Polish statehood, but a Soviet colony that existed until 1989. The same applies to the Baltic States. The USSR did not respect the right of these nations to choose a way of development on democratic principles.
During the negotiations of the Peace of Brest in 1918, "the Bolshevik side questioned the independence of the governments of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia" (from Wikipedia), so what are we talking about here?
Mr. Korhonen could read more about history, instead of spreading Soviet propaganda.

Re: Polish independence

What history? History rewrote several times. In you sentence you have used words "colony", "Soviet propaganda", "bolshevik" telling me you are an opponent and may be young. I have lived in Soviet country and glad I have a best time in my life. That is MY PERSONAL experience. My friends can compare what is "democracy", ask Kosovo, Doneck, Gaiti, Panama etc. We don't need to use the word "propaganda". You people working on the other side always trying to put the Label on people with the different point of view.
The basic principle for your civilization is robbery, capitalism and it is pity if you cannot see this.
The Soviet civilization build on principle of help and word - together.

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